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Benime Is The First And Only Doodle Video Creation Application in Android To Allow Anyone, To Create Professional, Realistic Doodle Videos In Minutes.

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Why choose Benime?

Easy to use

Can quickly add animated images, text, music and voice-over.Ta-da! You have an epic animated video.


Create awesome explainer videos, whiteboard animations, education videos, marketing videos and more!

100% Free

Produce unlimited high-quality videos with zero cost. Import your custom assets with free of cost.

Videos created by Benime

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Export 1080P video

Export your doodle sketch videos in various mp4 file sizes from web-ready, all the way to full 1080p HD.

With the help of Benime android application, you can create doodle videos with full 1080P HD, so you can use the videos on youtube. The video rendering works offline, so you can export the video immediately.

In-built and custom doodle arts

Benime has various doodle arts assets to use in your video project.

You can use in-built videos assets or import them from your local storage, it supports images, SVG files, Lottie animations. Also, you can use GIF images, with the help of GIPHY you can search and use millions of GIF images in your video project.


Record your custom voice or use text to speech

Benime allows you to record your voice and text to speech for voiceover.

We make the process of adding your voice to your video super simple. Just click the record button, start talking, and Benime will automatically add your voice to your video. And, of course, if you’d rather upload a professional voiceover or audio exported from another program, you can easily do that as well.

Also, you can use built-in Google’s text to speech engine to convert your text to audio, it supports almost every language.

Select various hand types to draw doodle

Both male and female hand types are avilable to use.

You’ll be able to choose between tens of different male or female hands, as well as various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your doodle video the perfect personalized touch.


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Benime whiteboard drawing application available in Google play store.

*Works on Android Nougat and above.

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